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About Us
Baker Titan Adhesives sets itself apart from its competitors by offering unrivaled technical customer service. Our team is comprised of some of the most experienced adhesives professionals in the industry. Our principals have a combined 60+ years working with adhesives and remain active and visible to our customers. Our lab, production and sales teams boast many years of industry experience.

As a closely held business, we respect and value the businesses of our customers regardless if they consume 5 gallons every few months or 5,000 gallons monthly. As a service oriented business, we will attack any issue our customers present to us with a hands-on approach making sure we have a full understanding of the application and use of our products as well as the end products of our customers. We make specific effort to have regular visits with our customers’ facilities to keep current on their production lines. We are not in the business to sell you a glue that works but to sell you the right glue for your specific application at the most competitive price. We custom formulate our products for your needs and will make formulation adjustments as necessary to keep your lines running.

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